Sometimes A Person Never Comes Back

Exile on Flower Street 

Und dann gibt´s Tage, an denen ein Ofenrohr den einzigen Weg zurück in eine Welt darstellt, in der man schmutzig aber frei sein kann. Man lebt an einem Ort, an dessen Geruch und Licht man so gewöhnt ist, dass einem im Vorübergehen der Stäbe nicht mehr auffällt, wie schön es eigentlich in einem Gefängnis sein kann. Ein Leben, in dem man sein Stockholmsyndrom genießt und völlig abgekoppelt ist, von dem was wirklich ist. Die Flucht ohne Wiederkehr schmerzt so sehr wie die Erkenntnis, in einem Gefängnis zu sein. Das Sein wohl west ohne das Seiende? So weh die Gegenwart tut, es tut weher sie zu verlassen. Und dabei tut man das immer - jeden Augenblick eines Lebens verlässt man seine Gegenwart und sie kommt nie wieder, nie wieder!

Aber: Schönheit wird die Welt retten.

“es ist Poesie oder auch lose Prosa” 

von Katharina B (ehemalige Bewohnerin)


Exile on Flower Street 

And then there are days, when a stove pipe is the only way back into a world where you can be dirty but free. You live in a place, where you are so used to the smell and light, that you, during passing behind the bars, no longer notice how beautfiul it can be actually in a prison.  A life where you can enjoy your Stockholm Syndrome and where you are totally disconnected from what is real. The escape without return hurts so much as the knowledge of being in a prison.  What would be being without being! Even the presence hurts, it is more painful to leave it. But you always do - each moment of life you are leaving your presence and it never comes back, never again! 

But beauty will save the world.

“It is poetry or prose loose” by Katharina B 

(Former Resident of the House of Flower Street)

Just A Glimpse

 “After the glimpse I had had of the Martians emerging from the cylinder in which they had come to the earth from their planet, a kind of fascination paralysed my actions.”



1. a brief look, glance or peek.

2. a sudden flash.

3. a faint idea.

It’s Blue

“Blue”. This color is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. Blue exhibits an inner security and confidence. 

It is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation. 

It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order - we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky. It slows the metabolism. The paler the blue the more freedom we feel.

The color blue is idealistic, enhancing self-expression and our ability to communicate our needs and wants. It inspires higher ideals.

Blue is conservative and predictable, a safe and non-threatening color, and the most universally liked color of all.

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro



[ten-shuh n]
1.the act of stretching or the state or degree of being stretched

2.mental or emotional strain; stress

3.a situation or condition of hostility, suspense, or uneasiness

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